It all starts from home

Looking for a home of your own? Needing general housing tips? The Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL builds and leases youth apartments, offers support for young people becoming independent, produces information regarding youth housing and defends young people’s interests in housing matters.


How to apply?

NAL homes are for young people working or entering working life, between the ages of 18 and 29. You can apply for an NAL home by filling the apartment application online.  

Budget calculator

You can use the budget calculator to calculate your income and expenses. You can calculate how much money you need for housing and other necessary expenses and whether you have enough money left for saving after the expenses.

Mover’s check list

Make a change of address notification, notify the building’s maintenance company and get home insurance. What else is there to remember?

Ask for help

Oh no! You’ve sent the housing application, but haven’t got any answer – what to do? Contact the right place!

Home maintenance tips

How to take care of your home? See the DIY videos (in Finnish).
See videos

Housing tips

Where to find a home?

Be active when seeking an apartment!

Lease agreement?

What matters can be agreed in a lease agreement? See the check list!

Take care of your keys

Don’t put your name or address on your keys.

How to recycle pizza boxes?

Check how to recycle your waste!

Financial problems

Short of money? Ask for advice and help.

Moving out

Check how to recycle your waste!


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