The ABCs of housing

In a home of your own

The resident is responsible for many things related to household maintenance and safety.
In some situations you have to turn to the maintenance company or the landlord


Fixing and maintaining your apartment

As a tenant, you are not responsible for the maintenance or caretaking of the entire building. However, you must ensure that the apartment in which you live stays in good condition.


All kinds of things can happen at home

You need to take care of your home. Insurance is good to have, as not all accidents can be anticipated. Being careful will go a long way. Bear the neatness of common facilities in mind as well.


Rights and obligations

The tenant has certain rights and obligations defined by law.


What needs to be cleaned and when?

Tips for keeping your house clean.


Sort your waste correctly

Taking care of your rubbish and household waste is a part of everyday housing.


No one is left behind, everyone needs help 

Sometimes empty walls and the lack of familiar noises can make you feel uneasy and lonely, and you may even become homesick. Having a safety net is important in preventing loneliness.

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